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Fair Trade Coffee and Our Partners

Zumi’s Espresso is a coffeehouse and ice cream bar that was founded in 2003 by Zillie and Umesh Bhuju. Our objective is to promote sustainable coffee practices and treat everyone involved or affected by our business with respect, from the farmers who grow our beans to the customers who buy our coffee. Participating in the fair trade of coffee is a social responsibility that we value highly. This participation starts with our roasters who deal directly with our farmers and extends all the way to our process of composting coffee grinds.

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Zumi's Espresso & Coffeehouse


Here at Zumi’s, we value balance in life.
Hot in balance with cold.
Through our product offerings of specialty espresso drinks served.
Hot or cold and refreshing ice cream.
Work in balance with play.
By encouraging our customers to take pride in their adventures in nature.
Challenges in balance with pleasures.
Through our comforting product offerings and friendly environment, our customers can reward themselves regularly for their hard work, day to day.
Poverty in balance with fairness.
Through our participation in the fair trade movement.
See our beans section for more about how fair trade promotes economic & social justice, rather than exploitation of the poor.
Progress in balance with preservation.
Through our support of shade-grown and organic coffees, which protect natural ecosystems & wildlife, avoiding the use of dangerous pesticides, herbicides andtherefore preserving our planet’s ecology for future generations.

Zumi's Espresso

Zillie & Umesh Bhuju

Proud Owners of Zumi's Espresso

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