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Making A Difference With Coffee
All Over The World

From Sumatra...

Sumatra - Paman Dean: These beans are grown with the assistance of water buffalo. They provide weed control and organic fertilizer for the coffee fields. Don't laugh! This eco-buffalo project saves farmers time, labor, and money - all of which are extraordinarily precious during the long-term coffee pricing process.

To Nicaragua...

Nicaragua - Café Ben Linder: Our Roaster, Dean's Beans partnered with the Polus Center to create a café/roasterie in Leon, owned and operated by a prosthetics clinic that gives free artificial limbs and therapy to land mine victims and the poor.

To Peru...

Peru - Restoring the Sacred: Dean's Beans has just begun to work with the Ashaninkas indigenous coffee growers of Pangoa Cooperative around Satipo to reforest their sacred lands, which provide food, medicines, and sacred objects and sites to this tribe. The lands have been severely degraded by illegal logging since the 1970s.

Zumi's Promotes Conscious Consumption and Believes In Our Partners.

While the U.S. is among the world’s leaders in per capita coffee consumption, only a very small amount of coffee is grown here in the Kona District of Hawaii’s Big Island. This means that we, the coffee drinkers of America, are in a unique position to shape the ethical and economic forces that drive the world coffee market. Our daily coffee consumption habits have a huge influence on millions of people’s lives who are involved in coffee production around the world.

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